Hi All,

I have a question for those more literate in electrical engineering than I

- I've been using a Rek O Kut ultra preamp for flat and RIAA transfers, as
well as a first generation KAB VSP Souvenir for listening to 78s. I would
like to run my turntable through both simultaneously to achieve parallel

- My understanding is that I could split the signal from the output of the
Rek-o-kut (set to flat) and send one path to my audio interface and the
other path through an attenuator bringing the signal back to phono level,
then into the KAB.

- First of all is this a ridiculous idea? If not, any recommendations for
designing / building an appropriate attenuator? ( my soldering and
schematic reading skills are rudimentary at best).

Any way I would certainly welcome any alternate recommendations / solutions.

Much thanks,

Jesse Collins