I've always thought that 'Comedian' referred to a male comic & that 
'Comedienne' referred to a female comic. I could be wrong though....

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On 1/28/2021 10:03 AM, Rob Bamberger wrote:
>   "Comedian" and "Comedienne" as artist designations on record labels into
> the 1920s? It's  a use of these words in a broader context than the
> conventional sense. Was it meant simply to identify someone as a "popular"
> rather than classical or "serious" artist? Is it meant to be associated
> with performers who might be seen in vaudeville or theater who had acts
> that combined some comic patter or exchange, followed by song (or dance).
> Is there a precise intention that has been written about, or discovered in
> primary materials?
> Thanks for your comments.
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