I am having a problem with the multitrack mixdown feature on Adobe Audition.
When I attempt to do Mixdown>Entire Session, Audition drops tracks 2 and 3
and presents just track 1 as the completed mixdown.

Scenario: I pre-recorded 1 hour of radio broadcast on 3 tracks. Track 1 was
the music, Track 2 announcements, and Track 3 final instrumental cross-fade
to close. I saved the multi-track and did a mixdown, no problems, saved the
resulting wave file.

On review I found that I made a mistake on one of the voice clips. I opened
the multi-track session, deleted the bad clip, and recorded a replacement
voice clip in the same location. Then I made all the timing adjustments to
the end of the hour, saved the multitrack under a new name, and then did
Mixdown>Entire Session. The resulting mixdown presents all of track 1 with
the correct spacing, but leaves gaps for all the cuts on track 2 and track
3. I closed Audition, reopened the multitrack session, same thing happens.

 Is there a setting I accidentally missed that is causing these two tracks
to be blanked? They are not on MUTE. (I am not stuck as I can always just
correct the finished mixdown, but that will leave a ragged transition at the
end. I'd like to understand what is going on here.

Thanks for any help,

Jay Bruder