Please allow me a shameless plug...

Have you considered a software decoder for Dolby A recordings?

My friend John Dyson has coded one and if you don't mind running command 
line on Windows, I think you'll get a competent decode without the 
headaches of hardware.

Let me know.

I agree with Corey Bailey, I'm using only 363s now for SR...the 
difference between the Cat 280 card in the 361 frame compared to the 363 
decoder is much greater than the difference between the Dolby A Cat 22 
in an M-frame (transformerless) vs the 363. So, I don't know how much of 
Corey's improvement is the 361 frame or the Cat 22. I suspect it's a bit 
of both.



On 2021-01-06 4:48 p.m., Corey Bailey wrote:
> Although I don't know of a repair service in the UK, I would recommend 
> Dolby 363's in the interim. Much better sounding because of improved 
> electronics.
> Be safe,
> ~CB
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
> On 1/6/2021 11:11 AM, Mint Records wrote:
>> Does anyone know of anyone in the UK who might look at my Dolby 361's and
>> Cat22 cards for me? There must be somebody somewhere who can look at 
>> them!
>> Likewise, anyone in the UK that can lend/hire any Dolby A decoders.
>> I have a pile of tapes from Sony ready to transfer and one of my 361's 
>> has
>> gone wrong, and I'm struggling to find anyone to help. FX copyroom 
>> have the
>> on their hire list, but won't hire them to me as they are too busy using
>> them themselves and the company they suggested who might fix them say NO.
>> Thanks for any help and advice you may have.
>> Richard

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