Hello-Folk Art records in San Diego used to have reel to reel radio 
recordings like 30 years ago. I looked them up and here's a link. Maybe they 
have what you're looking for-Mickey

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It's covered on page 11 of the booklet of "Elvis Presley: A Boy from
Tupelo" [RCA Legacy 889854177324, 2017]. Elvis appeared on Hank Snow's
segment of the show, along with the Davis Sisters and Eddie Hill. Cashbox
described it as "a terrific performance." Elvis, Scotty and Bill also
appeared on Ernest Tubb's "Record Shop Show" the same day.

Producer Ernst Mikael Jørgensen did due diligence tracking down every
possible recording, or even photograph, of Elvis during the Sun period for
this package. I do believe that if there had been a recording of his Opry
appearance,  Jørgensen would have found it. Certainly several Louisiana
Hayride performances rescued at the last second from decaying lacquers, are
to be found in this set, which I reviewed for ARSC Journal.

Uncle Dave Lewis


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> Hi Everyone, Happy New Year. My name is Chris Kennedy and I’m a
> researcher, writer and musician. I thought I’d float this out and see if
> anyone has any thoughts or suggestions as far as rocks unturned. Elvis 
> made
> is only Opry appearance on 10/2/54, Saturday night. He apparently sang 
> Blue
> Moon of Kentucky and that’s basically all the info that’s out there. No
> recording, no ephemera, no ads, show programs or reviews or mentions. I
> believe Saturday nights were broadcast on WSM but I can’t confirm that 
> this
> show was. The LOC has Opry recordings but I haven’t come across anything.
> The Country Music Hall of Fame / Rock Hall either. I’ve done some searches
> through the Tennessean archives with nothing turning up. It would be
> interesting and fun to turn up something on this part of music history.
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