If pregrooved, the recording plays back best with your largest stylus, one that touches both sides of the groove top.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] 1935 home recording advice

I have some recordings made in 1935. They are vertical cut, ten inch,
recorded at 33 rpm. While the labels are covered, I am assuming they were
embossed on one of the Victor home recorders.

Do any of you know what sort of fluid might be the best (safest) to clean
the discs. After trying six different needle sizes, I found that a
microgroove needle seems to work the best! I am trying to track it as
lightly as possible. I recall that these discs were pregrooved and embossed.

Any advice would be most welcome. It has been 30+ years since I have ever
worked on any of these (they were 7 inch) and I don't remember what I did
back then.