Hi Richard,

Testing was very successful.  As it finds matches based on the bitstream of the data, file names and "Last opened" dates are irrelevant, the results are easily readable. Obviously it cannot automatically delete matches, but I view that more as a feature; all I want is a list of identical files so I can select a candidate for manual deletion.

 It is cross platform Windows, Mac and Linux.

 I have used it previously for file copying as well, it has a "Hash, copy, hash" function which can produce a csv list showing the before and after hashes to ensure they are identical and then I can retain the copy log if I need to check back on the files later.

 I would definitely recommend it for this task.

 Best, Stuart



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Hi, Stuart,

This sounds very interesting! Please keep us posted on your results. I
was using the "Use Tools That You Already Have" method of solving the
problem, but this sounds ideal!



On 2021-01-15 7:09 a.m., ROBINSON Stuart wrote:
> One method I am coincidentally testing just now is using quickhash-gui
>   I can use this to select a drive or folder, then scan and hash every file, when it has finished you can right click on the list to "Show only duplicates" then right click again to export that selection to a CSV file, it shows name, path, file size, and file hash.
>   It can take a while to scan but it seems very good so far from my testing.
>   Best, stuart

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