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The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is pleased to announce the availability of video recordings of all presentations at its 50th Annual Conference in Bloomington, Indiana in 2016 on ARSC's Aviary site, and the publication of selected videos to the ARSC YouTube Channel.

ARSC Aviary Site (members only):
ARSC 50th Annual Conference Collection in Aviary

ARSC YouTube Channel (public access):
ARSC 50th Annual Conference YouTube Playlist

This is the fourth installment from its "Reeling in the Years with ARSC" series of archival releases.

Now available on the ARSC YouTube Channel:

"ARSC at 50: A Look at Its Past and Its Future," presented by Leah Biel, Michael Biel, Paul Jackson, and Tim Brooks

"Open the Door Richard Pryor: Rating Pryor's Laff Recordings," presented by Daniel Blazek

"Ola Belle Reed and Southern Mountain Music on the Mason-Dixon Line," presented by Douglas Downing Peach, Henry Glassie, Nathan D. Gibson, and Alan Burdette

"Baby Huey's Journey," presented by Aaron Cohen

"The Gennetts on Record," presented by Charlie Dahan

"Planning for Large-Scale Media Digitization," presented by Evelyn Frangakis

"Progress of the Radio Preservation Task Force of the Library of Congress in 2015," presented by Josh  Sheppard, Amanda Keeler, and William Vanden Dries

"The King of Them All: The Legacy of Cincinnati's King Records 1943-1971," presented by David N. Lewis

"Lift Up Your Heads: Professor J. Wesley Jones and the Music of Racial Uplift," presented by Robert M. Marovich

"Advance Recordings: Independent Label of the Avant Garde," presented by Jerry McBride

"The Cream Rises to the Top! - Treasures from 30 Years in the Vintage Record Business," presented by Kurt Nauck and Mark Atnip

"Records of Resistance: Listening to the Anti-Vietnam War GI Movement through the Paredon Record Label," presented by Jennie Williams

"Forgotten Crooner: The Magic of Russ Columbo," presented by Dennis D. Rooney

ARSC has made these selected videos available to the public on YouTube in keeping with its mission to promote the preservation and study of sound recordings. Please subscribe to ARSC's YouTube Channel in order to receive notice as videos are posted!

All other videos from ARSC's 50th Annual Conference are available to members-only on ARSC's Aviary site:

Additional videos available to members-only ARSC's Aviary site include:

"The Jazz Legacy of Indiana Avenue," presented by Monika Herzig, David Williams

"Preserving the Preservation: The William A. Owens Folksong Collection at Texas A&M University," presented by John Bondurant

"Completing Large-Scale Digitization Projects: National Library of Australia," presented by Kevin Bradley, Tom de Smet

"The Blues Unlimited Legacy," presented by John Broven, Bill Greensmith

"Media Preservation at Scale: the Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative," presented by Mike Casey, Andrew Dapuzzo

"Exactly: A New Tool for Born-Digital Acquisitions," presented by Rebecca Chandler

"Audio Detectives at Ocean Grove: Identifying Field Recordings from the 1897 Camp Meeting," presented by Richard Martin, Meghan Hennessey, Michael Devecka

"Echoes in the Concert Hall: Digital Preservation of the Leonard Bernstein Oral History Collection," presented by Nora Egloff

"America's Record Collection: The United States Information Agency and American Music Abroad," presented by Danielle Fosler-Lussier

"Azimuth Investigations," presented by Richard L. Hess

"The Music of Leo Kottke: Mining the Archives to Develop Pedagogical Materials," presented by John Stropes, Benjamin Kammin, Josh Lane

"You Don t Have to Kiss Me Goodnight: The Pros and Cons of Collaboration Among Sound Archives," presented by Lisa Lobdell, Phillip Ponella

"Audio Cylinders: An Update on Science Research and Preservation Work at the Library of Congress," presented by Brad McCoy, Eric Monroe

"Vladimir Horowitz: The Unreleased Live Recordings, 1966-1983," presented by Andreas K. Meyer

"Indiana Native Cole Porter: The Yale Connection," presented by Diane Napert

"Early Home Recorders: The Role of Tape Respondents International," presented by Nolan Porterfield

"In the Beginning...: The 1901 Yiddish Lambert Cylinders and the First Sounds of Yiddish Popular Music," presented by Henry Sapoznik

"Victor Herbert, the Law, and the Evolution of the Talking Machine Industry," presented by Steve Smolian

"A Song for Lorenzo Dow Turner, from Mario," presented by Flavia Camargo Toni

"Five Decades of Folklife on Record: Documenting and Preserving the Smithsonian Folklife Festival," presented by Dave Walker

And much more!

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