Is the VR II a mono cart?   If so,  what is the difference between
a mono cart,  and a stereo cart summed to mono in the DAW? 

Cheers Tim.

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 Ben- The mottled surface you can see on laminated discs is the
 Using a stereo cartridge doesn't work so well if you have any
 Something I have tried with the VRII is have the stylus a little
lower - 
 meaning that it doesn't have to be between the poles but just below
 It reduces the output a little if it is too much for a direct
connection to 
 the phono on an amplifier. I use a Heathkit WA P-2 preamp tube amp so
 accepts the higher input level.
 I wonder if an assembly could be made with a 3D printer for the

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 Hi Mickey

 Great idea!

 I've also noticed that certain records sound terrible when played
with a
 stereo cartridge no matter which stylus I use.
 Then I tried the VRii and the RPJ-047 which also sounded better. The
 usually has a 2.5 mil and the RPJ-047 has a 3 mil.
 Some old Columbia records give a slight warped sound with a stereo
 cartridge, but not with either GE cartridcge.


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 > Hi-Benjamin Roth-Aroni I am finding that some records played with a
 > cartridge are really noisy. When I try the same record with same
 > stylus
 > on the VRII the record tracks perfectly. I've run into this
 > times
 > and the VRII is my go-to for difficult records.
 > I would like to suggest that a manufacturer re-think the stylus for
 > cartridge and modernize it. A reliable self centering would be an
 > advantage.
 > The cartridges will still work a hundred years from now - I'd like
to see
 > a
 > modernized stylus for this amazing cartridge. - Mickey Clark
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