Hi Richard, 

Re servicing your Dolby units,  I live in the antipodes otherwise I
would offer to take on the work myself but you might like to join for
free and place a request for assistance on the UK Vintage Radio
forum  UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Discussion Forum
( [1]. On the forum  are a number of techs  who
should be able to help or point to someone local who can. We get down
to the nitty gritty. UK audio transfer guys Ted Kendall and James
Perrett who contribute to  this list are also active members.

I have no issue with software decoders so long as those using them 
take care to carry the nominal Dolby reference levels over into the
digital domain. Otherwise transferring the audio without introducing
complex artifacts can become a bit like a lottery. 

Cheers, Tim Gillett

Western Australia

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Subject:[ARSCLIST] Dolby 361 - Repair/Service UK

 Does anyone know of anyone in the UK who might look at my Dolby 361's
 Cat22 cards for me? There must be somebody somewhere who can look at

 Likewise, anyone in the UK that can lend/hire any Dolby A decoders.

 I have a pile of tapes from Sony ready to transfer and one of my
361's has
 gone wrong, and I'm struggling to find anyone to help. FX copyroom
have the
 on their hire list, but won't hire them to me as they are too busy
 them themselves and the company they suggested who might fix them say

 Thanks for any help and advice you may have.


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