Dear Carol,

Thank you for this update, and for keeping the old site open.

Although LoC does have our IP-ranges registered, I am not able to access the  new site, whatever I try. But Pak Arsan is working on it, he said.



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Sent: maandag 25 januari 2021 15:44
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Subject: Problems with new website: Update

Last week we launched our new website including a new circular system.  For those working from home, it appears you cannot access.  Those of you who work via VPN, please see if that address has been included in your IP table list.

For the time being we are keeping both pages open. This will give you access to the recent circulars as well as the quarterly financial statements.  I will postpone the review/training I had prepared until more of you have access.

I encourage all of you to be sure we have your IP tables.  Please report to us if you do have access to the set of pages.  This will help us as we continue to develop the pages.  As always, please email if you have questions or concerns.

I apologize for any inconvenience.‚Äč

Carol L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Field Director, Jakarta Office
Library of Congress

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