I have to take my son in to school tomorrow afternoon for testing (unexpectedly at the last minute unfortunately, something came up and my wife is unable to take him). I am unlikely to be available for the meeting. As he has to be there at the start of the meeting at 3pm EST.

Alabama only had one issue and I’m sure you or your legal folks are aware: only a few people at UA are allowed to sign contracts. As such, I would be unable to sign the agreement. If LOC has already made the change and you were planning to discuss tomorrow apologies. Hope you are well and that things go well for you tomorrow!



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All—I look forward to our meeting tomorrow.


Please note that we have 60 minutes for the Agreement discussion. In the interest of time, could you please send questions ahead of time? They should be in two categories:


What would you like changed in the agreement in re what we are asking of you

What would you like changed in re what the Library does


I will get to as many questions as possible.






Guy Lamolinara

Head, Center for the Book

Literary Initiatives

Center for Learning, Literacy and Engagement

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