The Golovanov was issued in 1945, according to the site, Russian Records.  

There are 3 suites  plus a number compiled by others from the ballet.

When I worked at Leeds Music, they handled distribution of Russian Music in score and parts.  One of my jobs was keeping the rental library in order.  It took some time to figure out which parts went with which scores and ozalid masters from which parts were printed.   At the end I submitted a written report and signed it 

Steven  Smolian, Gaynehcologist"

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] First recording anywhere of Khachaturian’s Gayaneh

Hello everyone.
I’m looking for the very first recording of Gayaneh Ballet ever recorded -
suite or complete.  Does any know which that would be?    I have the Kurtz
and the Rodzinsky.   Were there any before those?
Regards, Ben Roth