20 odd years ago the James Madison Carpenter project embarked on a project using EAD to catalogue a massive multimedia folklore collection. The resulting EAD instance is large - an xml tree of around 1MB - but we created a set of tools that functioned well for our internal use and we collaborated with LOC and others to use our information to put the collection online.

After a hiatus of a few years during which technology has moved on, I find that the tools we created that functioned in Internet Explorer and used an earlier version of EAD no longer work. I am looking for assistance in either migrating our information to the current EAD standard, adapting our existing files and tools to current technology or finding ways to extract or access our data in order to continue the editorial work that was paused but is the object of all this effort.

I’ve been away from xml/EAD for the last four years so I don’t even know what’s possible at the moment. Even a brief consultation with someone more current with EAD would be extremely helpful. Please respond directly to me and not to the list, thank you.

Bob Walser
Minneapolis, MN

The James Madison Carpenter Project
Elphinstone Institute
University of Aberdeen (Scotland)

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Bob Walser
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