The software issue was resolved this morning and I have added March to the event calendar: http://read.gov/cfb/affiliates-calendar.html. As always, please review for errors and notify me at [log in to unmask] if corrections are necessary.


Note that I held off on adding a handful of longer time period events in order to make this update asap – they will go up next week.


Also, a gentle reminder – please always add an event link, even if it’s just to your overall event calendar webpage. I hunted down a couple this time, but I can’t post events without a link for the audience to learn more!


Please continue to add your March events to the spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cJtB_GtOcEckmvD54_eT6HYx8JVWIajSe4C0yW2d0VQ/edit?usp=sharing).


Take care,


Deziree Arnaiz

Program Specialist

Literary Initiatives

Direct:  202-707-0533

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