Dear PCC members,

I would like to make an announcement of a change in the CJK NACO Best
Practices that LC approved recently.  This new practice might be of
interest to any member who is creating and using the authority record as
well as bibliographic records for user services.  This change is most
relevant for members who catalog CJK language materials.

Catalogers now can input non-MARC 8 characters using an automatic machine
convertible method with the Numeric Character Reference (NCR) in the
authority records until the full Unicode character set is supported in NACO

Catalogers have been able to input any Unicode characters in the
bibliographic records in OCLC and most library systems have had a capacity
to handle them for many years.  However, inputting non-Latin characters in
the authority records are still limited to MARC 8 characters only.  CJK
Catalogers have been inputting non- MARC 8 characters in NACO records in
various ways; using a geta symbol, inputting romanization in brackets, or
optionally, inserting Unicode information of the non-MARC 8 character.

Using the NCR notation is a lossless technique referenced in MARC 21
documentation for character sets in MARC bibliographic and authority
records.  The MARC 21 standard allows/recommends this lossless technique
from 2006. The notation does look cryptic, but it will make automatic
conversion possible with the UTF16 value in the future.  A detailed
description is available at:

The new CJK best practice on this change is being prepared and will be
posted at CJK NACO Best Practices site sometime in February.

When it is posted, I will notify you in case you want to read more in


Erica Chang

University of Hawaii Library