It seems that there is a philosophical issue here. Is this a recurring “conference” or is it a one-time event? Perhaps we exhibit a political bias if we categorize it as (I admit it, I hope it was ) a one-time event.


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I happened to notice that there are two existing authority records in the NAF for the 2017 rally in Charlottesville


One is:  ARN 11454499          111 2_   Unite the Right Rally ǂd (2017 : ǂc Charlottesville (Va.))


The other:  ARN 13026152     150        Unite the Right Rally, Charlottesville, Va., 2017


The corporate record has no 670 field and appears to be a record in progress, even though it is coded as complete.  I am assuming that this record should be deleted?


Also, the subject heading record, created by LC in 2019, is not coded as RDA, whereas the corporate heading is.


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