In addition, points to 8.5 (General Guidelines on Recording Names).  8.5.2 (Capitalization) points to A.2 (Names of Agents and Places).  A.2.3 (Words or Phrases Characterizing Persons) says:


Capitalize a word, or the substantive words in a phrase characterizing a person and used as a name (see[log in to unmask]">[log in to unmask]">) as applicable to the language involved.


And gives an example Lady of Quality.  For French (with different capitalization rules), it gives Une femme de ménage.


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A.11.1, the general guideline for English personal names, says to “capitalize a name of a person”. I have always taken this to mean to capitalize all words except words like articles and conjunctions. There is no phrase name given as an example there, though. However, the examples under, General guidelines on recording names consisting of a phrase, bear this out: “Every Other Dad”, “Poor Old No. 3”. So I’d go with “Iowa’s Political Agitator”.




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How do I capitalize a phrase as pseudonym?


Iowa’s Political Agitator

Iowa’s political agitator < this seems to be the RDA form, but I’m not sure.


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