Somewhat related: I came across this NAR today:

n 2017028703: Shakespeare, William, ǂd 1564-1616. ǂt Works (2014) ǂs (Pearson) 

I don't think it is correctly formed. There is only one "work" that can have the CCT "Works," under Shakespeare or anyone else. All expressions of his complete works are subordinate to this one work. Any qualification would have to be at the expression level. This NAR seems to represent an expression of the complete works issued in 2014, published by Pearson, as opposed to other expressions of the complete works issued in 2014. But then it should be subfielded ǂt Works. ǂf 2014. ǂs (Pearson) 

For instance, no2016161756: Shakespeare, William, ǂd 1564-1616. ǂt Works. ǂf 2011 ǂs (Graphic Arts Books)

More to the point, in this particular case: Can anyone explain to me how this one heading (again, it reads "Shakespeare, William, ǂd 1564-1616. ǂt Works (2014) ǂs (Pearson)" has gotten assigned as an author/title to some 311 records in OCLC ... and AS A SUBJECT to some 257? They range in publication date from 1632 to 2017. There are a few hundred in my own institution's catalog ... maybe in yours, too?

I assume some global update went terribly wrong.
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