~~~ If they're describing different geographic entities, what's the difference?  

The major difference is a change in municipality jurisdiction in 1954 and also later in 1994. 
  • Shenyang was used between 1954-1993: City under the jurisdiction of Liaoning Province 1954
  • Shenyang Shi was used after 1994 and it is currently in use: City promoted to a "sub-provincial city" in 1994
So, I don't know if the two needs to be merged, but I think that may create more issues or wiser NACO folks may need to do more research to untagle these. 

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On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 3:14 PM Rachel Shaevel <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello O Wise Ones!

I'm trying to figure out if either of these authority records is the correct one for the city of Shenyang, China:

n  81062631 Shenyang (Liaoning Sheng, China)
nr2004014556 Shenyang Shi (China)

Or do these records need to be merged?  The coordinates in the 034 are identical.  If they're describing different geographic entities, what's the difference?  I have zero Chinese language knowledge, except for the word for "apple" in Mandarin, and zero knowledge of Chinese administrative/geographical districts.

Thanks in advance,

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