We are going to be discussing whether we will start coding 340 $p for illustrative content.  RDA gives several options for recording this element:

Record a term in the singular or plural, as applicable.

Record an uncontrolled term or a term that is transcribed from a source of information.

Record an appropriate term from the RDA Illustrative Content vocabulary encoding scheme:

     coat of arms
     genealogical table

LC recently announced the addition of the code "rdaill" for illustrative content terms from RDA (https://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/tn210226src.html).

I tested whether OCLC Connexion would accept the new code and found that it can be used now, e.g.  340 ## $p illustration $p map $2 rdaill

What I am wondering is whether the use of the code is restricted to terms in the singular from the RDA Illustrative Content vocabulary encoding scheme, or whether because RDA says that you have the option to record a term in the singular or plural you can also use the $2 code with plural terms.

Has anyone started recording 340 $p?  If you use the terms found in the vocabulary encoding scheme, should they be recording in the singular with $2 rdaill, or is it permissible to record plural terms even though the VES terms are in the singular?

Adam Schiff

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