This is an excellent resource which should be put up on the ARSC website.

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> Date:    Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:48:04 +0000
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> Subject: Updated Bibliography
> Hello folks,
> I want to thank everyone that has contacted me regarding a bibliography of
> the acoustic era, I may go broke acquiring all of these books and CDs! I
> took the liberty of collating everyone's responses into a very rough draft
> incorporating any notes regarding editions or works. I have followed
> Irvine's Writing about Music for citation style (although I'm sure there
> are plenty of corrections to be made) and ARSC's other bibliographies as a
> template. I have attached a copy of the PDF and linked below to the file in
> Google Docs because as has been pointed out, HTML strips out formatting.
> Some entries, particularly CDs, still need expanding and formatting. Please
> feel free to add any notes and suggestions for further works to include.
> Thank you all so much again!
> Kind Regards,
> Matthew Faranda
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