I've noted unbalanced sound when I use my VRII cartridge. The effect goes 
away after equalization and the wave form looks far more balanced - Mickey 

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Hi Gary,

Perhaps as a workaround, could you give RX an "empty" hum print? In
other words, a hum print that is silent?

I used to use a video editing program that had to be fooled sometimes by
placing an empty filter on a clip and making it render while making no
change in that clip. It was called a forced render.

Joe Salerno

On 4/27/2021 6:42 AM, Gary A. Galo wrote:
> Thanks, Tim. I've used the ones in Audacity, Adobe Audition, as well as my 
> regular editor, Sound Forge. I want to recommend a few offset removal 
> programs for my upcoming ARSC conference presentation. If the hum removal 
> in RX can't be disabled, then RX won't be a good choice for this 
> application. I just want to make sure I haven't overlooked something.
> Best,
> Gary
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> Hi Gary,    I'm not sure about RX but Audacity has a DC offset
> correction tool in the Normalize tool where  the Normalize function
> can be optionally unchecked.
> Cheers, Tim.
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>   Hi Everyone,
>   Does anyone use the DC Offset removal tool in RX7? It's part of the
> DeHum module, but I can't seem to find a way to turn off the hum
> removal and just run the DC offset removal. Does anyone know if it's
> possible to do this?
>   Thanks,
>   Gary
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