Hi, Gary,

I was going to suggest that as well. But I'll throw in Samplitude (and 
presumably Sequoia) have a "Remove DC Offset" under Restoration. It is a 
"destructive" "off-line" effect which writes to the file, rather than 
adjusting it virtually as almost everything else does in Samplitude/Sequoia.

I just checked a file that I ingested yesterday, no DC offset, but I 
understand your need.



On 2021-04-27 3:50 p.m., Gary A. Galo wrote:
> Thanks, Joe. There is a way to set the notch to 0 dB - it works.
> Nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.
> Best,
> Gary
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> Hi Gary,
> Perhaps as a workaround, could you give RX an "empty" hum print? In other words, a hum print that is silent?
> I used to use a video editing program that had to be fooled sometimes by placing an empty filter on a clip and making it render while making no change in that clip. It was called a forced render.
> Joe Salerno

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