On 4/6/2021 4:11 PM, Faranda, Matthew wrote:
> I'm still brand new to the list so apologies if something like this has been asked before. I am currently researching American pop music of the acoustic era and I've found that in general histories of recorded sound, the acoustic era is often treated as a footnote to everything that came after it. For those who focus on that period, could you please recommend what your indispensable list of books about recording production and history during the acoustic era are?  (Meaning not straight discogs or catalogs, per se.) I'm looking for info more about the production side rather than the recording personalities (although there is of course overlap in many cases.) I am a classically trained musician with a background in music history (albeit medieval studies) so please don't be afraid to suggest more technical works. Thanks so much in advance!
> P.S. If there is anyone with a copy of "Recording the Twenties" by Allan Sutton they'd be willing to part with, I really would like to read it but can't seem to get my hands on a copy!

Hi Matthew:

Once you've read /Recording the Twentie/s, see if you can find a copy of 
Sutton's /A Phonograph in Every home /and his recent work on Race 
Records. You might also look up Frederick Gaisberg's /The Music Goes 
Round/; he was an A_&R rep for Victor in the early 1900s You should 
probably take what he rites with several grains of salt, but it's still 
invaluable. You might also check out the memoirs of Harry & Raymond Sooy:


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