Dear Members of ARSC

I am writing this group on behalf of a business acquaintance who seeks a 
good home for an interesting collection of music from Roper Records. An 
initial background on this collection can be found here:‚Äč

About three quarters of the music produced are compositions written for 
Ballet and 1/4 written for Latin and Ballroom Dance. Some are original 
compositions, some are reworks of better known compositions.

My contact has been organizing this collection, which is stored in a 
warehouse on Long Island City, Queens, NY. The family is coming to the 
final stages of selling the building that this collection is housed in. 
They are willing to assign all rights of this collection to the entity 
most interested in preserving it. The caretaker prefers a proper archive 
to house and preserve this collection if possible. He'd like to see the 
music preserved and shared.

The majority of the music in this collection is recorded and mastered on 
various formats of audiotape. There are unopened LP, reel-to-reel 
audiotape, cassettes, 45's and some 8-track store-stock to go along with 
many of the tape masters.

There is little or no allowance for transportation costs. The interested 
party would have to cover this. My contact feels that all the content 
would fit on three to four fork lift pallets, about 4 feet high (a large 
cargo van).

My contact has 6-8 weeks to move the collection to a safe home. Any 
interested parties should contact me off-list. I'll put you in touch 
with my contact. He can provide a basic catalogue of all the content and 
more details on the collection.

Kind Regards,

John Schroth

Media Transfer Service, LLC