DC Offsets are inherent in many early converters, and PCM F-1 tapes have offsets from the converters that need to be fixed. On F-1 recordings that have been transferred digitally, you can see the zero crossings move if you zoom in vertically during silent passages. 

I have some early CDs that have DC offsets that vary from one track to the next, resulting in soft clicks as they come and go. 


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It may also be worth pointing out that real DC offsets are very rare in my experience as most analogue to digital convertors are AC coupled.
Asymmetric waveforms where one side of the waveform is larger than the other are often mistaken for DC offsets. Brass instruments often produce these asymmetric waveforms.


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> Thanks, Tim. I've used the ones in Audacity, Adobe Audition, as well 
> as my regular editor, Sound Forge. I want to recommend a few offset 
> removal programs for my upcoming ARSC conference presentation. If the 
> hum removal in RX can't be disabled, then RX won't be a good choice 
> for this application. I just want to make sure I haven't overlooked something.
> Best,
> Gary
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> Hi Gary,    I'm not sure about RX but Audacity has a DC offset
> correction tool in the Normalize tool where  the Normalize function 
> can be optionally unchecked.
> Cheers, Tim.
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>  Hi Everyone,
>  Does anyone use the DC Offset removal tool in RX7? It's part of the 
> DeHum module, but I can't seem to find a way to turn off the hum 
> removal and just run the DC offset removal. Does anyone know if it's 
> possible to do this?
>  Thanks,
>  Gary
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