PS. The last printing/edition of both books was 1977. Look for those. The Gelatt paperback with the red cover is the last one, as are the yellow-covered paperback and hard cover editions of Reed and Welch. 


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The authors of From Tin Foil to Stereo are Oliver Reed and Walter Welch, published by Howard W. Sams. Finding a copy of the paperback reprint that doesn’t have many pages falling out might be difficult - look for a hard-cover edition. Roland Gelatt's book is The Fabulous Phonograph, published by MacMillan (the original hard-cover edition was Cassell in London). 

Some of the research in both books is now dated, but they are still worthwhile. Gelatt is more general and a very enjoyable read. Reed and Welch is much more detailed and pretty dense. There are copies of both on eBay. 


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There were a couple of books which came out in the 60s ...From Tin foil to stereo. Welch and first one by Gallatt(?) Both useful. At one point I created a bibliography of recorded sound  but since, lost it. There are some useful items listed in Music and Reference MATERIALS by Duckles and others with newer editions

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> Hey folks,
> I'm still brand new to the list so apologies if something like this 
> has been asked before. I am currently researching American pop music 
> of the acoustic era and I've found that in general histories of 
> recorded sound, the acoustic era is often treated as a footnote to 
> everything that came after it. For those who focus on that period, 
> could you please recommend what your indispensable list of books about 
> recording production and history during the acoustic era are?
> (Meaning not straight discogs or catalogs, per se.) I'm looking for 
> info more about the production side rather than the recording 
> personalities (although there is of course overlap in many cases.) I 
> am a classically trained musician with a background in music history 
> (albeit medieval studies) so please don't be afraid to suggest more technical works. Thanks so much in advance!
> P.S. If there is anyone with a copy of "Recording the Twenties" by 
> Allan Sutton they'd be willing to part with, I really would like to 
> read it but can't seem to get my hands on a copy!
> Kind Regards,
> Matthew Faranda
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