Here are a few late additions to the publications already mentioned, some by members of this list. This bibliography, mainly focused on cultural and social history, was compiled in the early 2000’s; thus, recent and other subject-oriented references might be missing:

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> Le 7 avr. 2021 à 16:23, Faranda, Matthew <[log in to unmask]> a écrit :
> That would be tremendous! Before posing the question to the list serve I had looked though ARSC's own bibliographies and I spoke with David Sager to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you folks who replied, it is greatly appreciated!
> If anyone is interested, below is my current bibliography. Because I have no idea if any of these authors are a part of this list serve, I will only say that some of these works are more helpful than others. (And if you did write one of these, it was TOTALLY the best one, I'll be in touch.) So please, any other suggestions are more than welcome! Always looking for good liner notes as well.
> General Histories
> Feaster, Patrick - Pictures of Sound
> Gelatt, Roland - The Fabulous Phonograph
> Millard, Andre - America on Record: A History of Recorded Sound
> Milner, Greg - Perfecting Sound Forever
> Morton, David L., Jr. - Sound Recording: The Life Story of a Technology
> Lowe, Allen - American Pop: from Minstrel to Mojo
> Lowe, Allen - That Devilin' Tune
> Schmidt Horning, Susan - Chasing Sound
> Wald, Elijah - How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll
> Walsh, Jim - Hobbies articles/LOC archive
> Personalities
> Brooks, Tim - Lost Sounds
> Carter, Marva Griffin - Swing Along (Will Marion Cook)
> Gracyk, Tim - Popular American Recording Pioneers
> Shilkret, Nathaniel - Nathaniel Shilkret: Sixty Years in the Music Business
> Whitburn, Joel - Pop Memories 1890 - 1954
> Wilder, Alec - American Popular Song: The Great Innovators 1900-1950
> Minstrelsy
> Abbott, Lynn and Seroff, Doug - Ragged but Right
> Lott, Eric and Marcus, Greil - Love & Theft
> Rice, Edward Le Roy - Monarchs of Minstrelsy
> Sampson, Henry T. - Blacks in Blackface
> Tin Pan Alley/Broadway/Vaudeville
> Cook, Will Marion Cook and Dunbar, Lawrence Paul. Riis, Thomas L., ed. - The Music and Scripts of "In Dahomey"
> Marks, Edward B. - They All Sang
> S.D., Trav. - No Applause Just Throw Money
> Spitzer, Marian - The Palace
> Music/CDs
> Any and all of Archeophone's releases
> The "Whole Ball of Wax" collection sourced and compiled by Glenn Sage of
> Jewface - Reboot Stereophonic 
> In Dahomey - The Cholla Chorale (1994)
> Music from the New York Stage (4 vol.)
> Broadway Through the Gramophone (3 vol.)
> The National Jukebox - "Jukebox Day by Day" - Library of Congress (I have listened to the Day by Day in its entirety twice and counting! Since they've added the Colombia cuts, it has definitely gotten more challenging to keep up!)
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> Maybe we could commit to collectively create an updated bibliography on the subject, inclusive of the very useful comments on the different editions?
> I have many of the mentioned texts, including an Italian translation of Gaisberg, but I'm always on the lookout for more, so I'd be happy to help Francesco Martinelli
> Il giorno mer 7 apr 2021 alle ore 01:57 Paul Stamler <[log in to unmask]> ha scritto:
>> On 4/6/2021 4:11 PM, Faranda, Matthew wrote:
>>> I'm still brand new to the list so apologies if something like this 
>>> has
>> been asked before. I am currently researching American pop music of 
>> the acoustic era and I've found that in general histories of recorded 
>> sound, the acoustic era is often treated as a footnote to everything 
>> that came after it. For those who focus on that period, could you 
>> please recommend what your indispensable list of books about recording 
>> production and history during the acoustic era are?  (Meaning not 
>> straight discogs or catalogs, per se.) I'm looking for info more about 
>> the production side rather than the recording personalities (although 
>> there is of course overlap in many cases.) I am a classically trained 
>> musician with a background in music history (albeit medieval studies) 
>> so please don't be afraid to suggest more technical works. Thanks so much in advance!
>>> P.S. If there is anyone with a copy of "Recording the Twenties" by 
>>> Allan
>> Sutton they'd be willing to part with, I really would like to read it 
>> but can't seem to get my hands on a copy!
>> Hi Matthew:
>> Once you've read /Recording the Twentie/s, see if you can find a copy 
>> of Sutton's /A Phonograph in Every home /and his recent work on Race 
>> Records. You might also look up Frederick Gaisberg's /The Music Goes 
>> Round/; he was an A_&R rep for Victor in the early 1900s You should 
>> probably take what he rites with several grains of salt, but it's 
>> still invaluable. You might also check out the memoirs of Harry & Raymond Sooy:
>> Peace,
>> Paul
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