When I worked at (then called) The Museum of TV & Radio (Now called The Paley Center) I worked on the NBC Lacquers that had that Broadcast (speech). They should have a copy of that. Also, the original lacquers are held by the Library of Congress. By now they should have digitized those recordings. I worked on those recordings around the mid to late 80s.

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 Dear All
Hello and hope all is well and safe.

I work for WMR in London ( on a series on the history of modern royal families, from the Russians Tsars to modern day dynasties and I was wondering you could help.

One of our episodes looks at Edward VIII ( who became Duke of Windsor after his abdication)  and Wallis Simpson. We  would like to use an extract from the speech made by the Duke ( also referred to as the  appeasement speech ) on  May 8th ( or 7th according to some other sources)  1939 made from Verdun, France.
You can hear an extract here

I understand this speech was commissioned by the NBC ( it was never broadcast in the UK as the BBC refused to do so) and my research indicates the Duke's message  was meant for the US Public rather than the British. The Duke was basically asking the US public and Government not be dragged into the conflict.

I have contacted Recorded Sound Research Center Library of Congress, G. Robert Vincent Voice Library, The American Radio Archives and Radio Program Archive at McWherter Library.
I have also  contacted the legal department of  Cumulus Media who took over NBC Radio.

I was wondering if anyone has any more thoughts on this speech  and any other suggestions as to possible sources that  may have it. Also if anyone has a more specific contact at Cumulus Media, that  would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Mani Shirazi