I’m posting this a "member" of ARSC.


As most of you know (I hope) the 55th Annual ARSC Conference is coming up May 12-15th. It is virtual again this year but on a NEW platform – Hublio – used by MAJOR conferences. Lots of nice features like “meeting rooms”. And – the really important thing is that the full conference will accessable to registrants ON DEMAND until June 30th. So folks around the world or in different time zones can watch at their leisure. The session are (literally) NON-Stop. (maker your own breaks)


The conference will have THREE FULL days of presentations – mostly “live” with Q&A participation. – The sessions will run from 11AM (EST) to 7:45PM each day. That’s NINE hours each day. (27 hours total) For members the registration fee is only $40. That comes to just over $13/day!  (or $1.48 per hour!).


To show you what the platform looks like – Conference Coordinator Dan Hockstein – created a 2:48 You Tube Video. I encourage you to watch it and (if you haven’t registered yet) please do this week. The registration will close before the Conference starts and the sessions only available to registrants for at least six months.


Here’s the Link to the Youtube:


Steve Ramm