Dear PCC colleagues,

As announced in April, the PCC Policy Committee voted that the
recommendations tested in the PCC CCT (Conventional Collective Title)
Feasibility Study should become official PCC policy. An initial CCT
Feasibility Study FAQ had been created to support the pilot. However, after
the initial announcement a lot of good questions were raised on and off
this list.

Based on those questions, the NACO Advisory Group created a new guidance
document, the  PCC Policy on Compilations on Works by One Agent.

This document, along with the related FAQ
created by the Standing Committee on Standards, is also available from the NACO
Website <>.

The NACO Advisory Group remains the primary contact for questions. Please
follow the steps outlined in the guidance document for contacting the group.

My sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to the NACO Advisory Group and
the Standing Committee on Standards for putting it all together.



on behalf of the PCC Policy Committee

Melanie Wacker
Metadata Coordinator
Original and Special Materials Cataloging
Columbia University Libraries
New York, N.Y.
(212) 854 9676