It’s a strange kind of alternative title, because it’s actually only an explication of the word Aesthetik.  All of the uses of the word “der” in the title are in the genitive case.  It translates as “Outline of aesthetics, or of the philosophy of beauty and of fine art.”


The title at the head of page 1 of the 1837 publication is “Aesthetik oder Philosophie des Schönen und der schönen Kunst.“



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I have the issue of establishing an expression record for the following title: Abriss der Aesthetik, oder, Der Philosophie des Schönen und der schönen Künst. Since alternative titles are consider title proper, I was wondering...

Does the NAR will include both? only the first part? a 4XX for the second part? or 2 4XXs for each part? I couldn't find any examples. Your collective wisdom will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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