I’m getting a message that the “catdir.loc.gov” server can’t be found. I have the problem at work and here at home; I don’t think it’s a firewall issue for me.


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Both “table of contents” links on that record in worldcat do not point to LC,
here’s what I see there: http://bvbr.bib-bvb.de:8991/exlibris/aleph/a22_1/apache_media/979R4F9SD68NVGC1KI96Q2MVYN3E1N.pdf
But I looked it up in our LC catalog:
and it has both TOC and publisher statements that work for me:
If this is what you are referring to, then there is maybe a firewall problem, since I’m inside.
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Are you finding that ALL of such field-data is not opening, or only some?
I wonder if this data is still being prioritized and if any shifting in LC data has changed access
thank you

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Subject: [PCCLIST] broken links to LC bibliographic enhancements?
Recently, I have found that 856 fields in OCLC records that point to Library of Congress tables of contents or publisher descriptions are not working for me. I get the error message "we're having trouble finding that site."
Is anyone else experiencing this?
An example is OCLC# 44152856 -- Oxford readings in Greek religion.
I would be grateful for any light someone can shed on this,
Charles Croissant
Saint Louis University