Dear PCC Participants,

Please hold the date for the next PCC Virtual Meeting, scheduled for July
15, 2021, 1-3 pm (Eastern).

This meeting replaces the PCC-at-Large and PCC Participants' Meetings
previously scheduled for the ALA Annual Conference (June 24-29, 2021,
Chicago IL).

Please join us. Everyone is welcome!

This meeting will include news & announcements followed by our PCC
Participants program:

Topic: Official RDA Toolkit Warm-Up: Navigating Documentation and Putting
it to Use

Who: PCC Secretariat (Judith Cannan, Paul Frank, Clara Liao, Melanie
Polutta, Manon Théroux, Veronica Ranieri)

Colleagues from the PCC Secretariat will demonstrate how to navigate the
Official RDA Toolkit and use the supporting documentation: the LC-PCC
Policy Statements (LC-PCC PSs) and the Metadata Guidance Documents (MGDs)
to catalog a resource in MARC and in BIBFRAME (RDF). Please note that this
presentation will NOT focus on specific instructions and policy questions
and that the PCC implementation date for the Official RDA Toolkit remains
to be no earlier than July 2022.

The link to join the event will be posted closer to the date.

Hope to see you there!


Melanie Wacker
Metadata Coordinator
Original and Special Materials Cataloging
Columbia University Libraries
New York, N.Y.
(212) 854 9676