Hi, all.  I’m asking this as a PCC member whose library is PCC only for NACO.  


I’m doing some work in our catalog with in-analytics for musical works found in journals.  The records for the analytics are local, but those for the host serials are in OCLC.  The analytic records contain access points for the serial title to allow users to see what pieces our holdings of a serial title contain (these are unclassified periodicals, so no call number is available for that task).


My question has to do with titles with multiple conflicts in OCLC (in this case, “Music world”).  My understanding is that conflicts are resolved by adding a qualifier to the preferred title of the newly-cataloged serial.  In a copy-cataloging situation where there are already lots of conflicts in OCLC among serial records, is there a commonly-accepted triage for identifying the title that will *not* get qualified, the “Ur-title,” so to speak?  Is the presence of letters in the “L” column of a truncated display a mark of privilege?  What about 042?


This is under the assumption that I won’t create a SAR for the serial (the analytics are local, after all). 


I realize this is probably a very basic question, but if being clueless helps someone else get an answer to something they’ve been wondering, I’m game.  Thanks.


Mark Scharff, Music/Special Collections Catalog Librarian

Washington University in St. Louis