A review of records in OCLC hints that the shorter form of title became more popular over time. I can’t speak to this signaling a different work, however.


A PDF version of the 2011 English version, which includes a brief history of revisions on the title page, is available here. The 2016 Spanish version, with a little more background, is here.



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Subject: [External] [PCCLIST] International Monetary Fund Articles of Agreement


I am having difficulty trying to reconcile the following headings:


n 2013032823

International Monetary Fund. |t Articles of agreement of the International Monetary Fund (1944). |l Arabic


n 2018023441

International Monetary Fund. |t Articles of agreement. |l Spanish


These are both coded as RDA.  The English title was chosen as the preferred title, but there is no authority record for the English version of the title and no indication of the source of the English title in either of the above records.  These seem to be expressions of the same work.  Does anyone have any insights on this?


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