BIBFRAME Ontology Updated:


The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of the Bibframe ontology.  This is a major release incorporating 50 change requests, the vast majority of which came from implementers in the community who have been working with the Bibframe vocabulary and model.  We are very grateful for the input from individuals and organizations engaging with the ontology in demonstrable ways and practical settings; thank you, such real world feedback is invaluable to developing a functional model and vocabulary.  These changes were organized by LC and sent for review by several stakeholders with very large implementations.


The revised ontology is located at  If a Class or Property was altered, the change date and description is indicated in red and includes a link to the GitHub issue related to the change.  An itemized changelog is found here:  The bibframe-ontology GitHub repository - - has not only been fully updated to reflect this revision but also remains the principle place for ontology discussions.


As a reminder, the Library of Congress BIBFRAME Update is this coming Monday, June 28, at 1 PM US Eastern (10 AM US Pacific).  Kevin Ford will present on this topic, which he will begin with some high-level details about changes in this release. For the balance of the discussion he will focus on a future program for requesting and making changes -- an absolute necessity to nurture and maintain an active and flourishing vocabulary within an ever-evolving community of cultural organizations and its professionals.


Sally McCallum


Sally H. McCallum

Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Library of Congress

Washington, DC  20540  USA


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