As that particular piece’s author (writing from my phone) I believe it was meant to be a kind of kitchen sink and therefore has some of the especially unusual elements like objectxmlwrapper. Folks from TS-EAS might know the best place to get it now. I can also look into it more tomorrow. 

Although I also wouldn’t consider EAD a particularly viable schema for FAIR data about chemistry unless it’s about records related to chemistry. It’s got a lot of domain-specific fields. I suppose one could come up with a subset of generally descriptive fields for nesting descriptions.  

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Hello! I'm am not a digital archivist. I am the co-chair of a project involving the FAIR management of data in the area of chemistry []  and am exploring the possibility of using EAD finding aids (this week). About a year ago I did a bit of experimentation, and there seems to be some potential hear. I realize that this is an out-of-scope application of EAD, but my discussions with digital archivists to date have been encouraging. So perhaps my first question for this list is whether you think this is a ridiculous or interesting idea.

My main question right now, though, pertains to EAD3. I have studied the specs and pretty much understand how that works. But I learn better from examples. The example I found is curious:

When I open that in Eclipse, adding a header that includes the latest EAD dtd, Eclipse complains, spotting that that example is using <xmlobjectwrapper> and xmlns attributes on the <ead> tag. So this example is not compliant.

Q: Are xmlns attributes in or out? And if they are out, why would that be?

Q: Are there some better examples I could look at?

Q: Thoughts on this general idea? (Interest in participating?)

In case anyone is interested, here are two presentations I have made in pitching for joining efforts between the world of digital archiving and scientific data management:

FAIR Scientific Data Management: Connection to Digital Archiving of Historical Records
Digital Archival Group Minnesota Historical Society Dec. 2, 2019

Progress toward developing an IUPAC FAIR standard for spectroscopic data description & management
ACS National Meeting, April 14, 2021

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