I'm sending this to the whole list because I don't have emails for everyone in my group and other groups might want to crib my questions.

If everyone in panel 7 (listed below) could reply directly to me with answers to the questions below by the end of this week I will let this group know if we have the capacity to move forward with a video project to  provide a 45-minutevideo by 8/20th?

Panel 7 - Potential theme of Middle Grade + Mystery & Magic

  1.  Illinois - Blue Balliett, Out of the Wild Night (Scholastic)

  1.  Kansas - Elizabeth C. Bunce, Premeditated Myrtle (Algonquin Young Readers)

  1.  New Hampshire - Christiane M. Andrews, Spindlefish and Stars (Little, Brown & Co)

  1.  New York - Dan Gutman, Houdini and Me (Holiday House)

  1.  North Dakota - Chris Rylander, The Curse of Greg (Puffin Books)

  1.  South Carolina - Eden Royce, Root Magic (Walden Pond Press)


1- Do you have the technology available to record a video for the group (if so, what tech is it)?
2 - Can you coordinate the scheduling for this group's video, including emailing the authors?
3 - Do you have the ability to host the video for our group (for example, do you have a YouTube channel)
4 - Would you be willing to "host" the author panel on the video?
5 - Would you be willing to write/collect questions to be used in the video.


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