NLS Operations Alert


No. 21-48


DATE         :   July 1, 2021

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Jason Yasner, Deputy Director, NLS

SUBJECT  :   Retirement of Michael Katzmann



Michael Katzmann, the long-time chief of the NLS Materials Development Division and now Program Delivery Division, has announced that he will retire from the Library of Congress at the end of August. Michael’s leadership has been invaluable in many areas of NLS activity, and his technical brilliance and uncompromising commitment to the NLS mission will be sorely missed. We are grateful to him for his many contributions.


Michael’s vast expertise will be difficult to replace, but please be assured that a formal transition process is underway and that NLS is committed to working with Michael to make sure we capture his voluminous knowledge and transfer his many responsibilities to the appropriate staff.


As Michael takes some well-earned leave time before his departure, and as NLS works through the transition process, please be aware that response times may increase slightly for technical support questions related to Duplication on Demand and other areas in which Michael has played a leading technical role.


We do not expect that any one person will be able to embody all of Michael’s encyclopedic knowledge of so many NLS tools and procedures. However, we are confident that we will continue to have robust support resources in place for critical technical programs.


NLS will share additional details as they develop. In the meantime, John Brown ([log in to unmask]) and I are the primary points of contact for all matters involving Michael’s areas of responsibility.


For more information, contact:

Jason Yasner

Deputy Director, NLS

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