NLS Operations Alert


No. 21-51


DATE         :   July 26, 2021

TO             :   Network Libraries

FROM        :   Juliette Appold, Head, Music Section

SUBJECT  :   DBM Cartridges Exclusively Produced at NLS for Patrons



The NLS Music Section has made some audio music items (DBMs) available on BARD. Please be aware that network libraries cannot legally download and duplicate these DBMs for patrons. The Chafee Amendment’s copyright exemption does not cover audio musical works and related materials. Because of this, the NLS Music Section must secure permission to distribute these items from their copyright holders.


In some cases, the terms of the permissions restrict anyone from duplicating the DBM title other than NLS itself. These titles are available solely on physical cartridges, which patrons may request from the NLS Music Section.


In other cases, the terms of permission allow duplication of the DBM title by either NLS or a registered individual patron making copies for personal use. Patrons may download these DBM titles directly to their smart devices via BARD Mobile, or download them to their computers using BARD or BARD Express and transfer them to a flash drive for use in their DTBM. If a patron prefers to receive a title by mail on a physical cartridge, patrons must request the title from the NLS Music Section. However, network libraries may not legally place a title on cartridge using Duplication on Demand or other means.


There are no comparable restrictions for braille music titles on BARD.


We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and can answer any further questions that you may have.


For more information, please contact:

Juliette Appold

Head, Music Section

Patron and Network Engagement Division

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