A "DAT Cleaning Tape" will be slightly abrasive to the head.  IT does 
work to get dirt off the spinning heads, giving you less chance of 
digital errors, but you should using it sparingly.  They were sold more 
for pro-summer users and as a quick fix. You would pop them in like a 
DAT tape and play for only 15-20 seconds max! Never reverse.  Once you 
got to the end, that was it.

I always use head cleaner on my digital heads with Chemtronics Chamois 
Tips.  It is more labor intensive as you have to get inside the machines 
to clean them, but this way you see the dirt removal and can be sure you 
are not hurting the heads (do not touch them with your fingers BTW).

Good luck,


On 2021-09-09 14:45, CBAUDIO wrote:

> Know that any cleaning tape (or disc) will introduce some wear, 
> particularly on rotary heads which, may be irreplaceable. The 'old 
> fashion' system; manual labor & using a cleaning solution (I have used 
> denatured alcohol for years without harm) is best. On a rotary head 
> machine, you cannot use a cotton swab. You have to use a swab designed 
> for that purpose. The swab generally has a foam tip.
> My $0.02
> CB
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Any recommendations...
>> ...for a brand of DAT dry head cleaning cartridge? It would be used on 
>> a
>> I guess I should also agree what  expectations I should have from 
>> using it.
>> Will it improve slightly muffled sound (which it did not have 
>> originally)
>> or reduce the incidence of hiccups in playback? Or are these things 
>> endemic
>> to an aged DAT itself.
>> Always appreciate your guidance.
>> Rob