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Cutting Room Floor: Editing Language in Time-Based Media Collections<>
September 28 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Pacific)
Time-based media collections have the unique role of often serving both research and entertainment purposes and have specific needs around language that other archives may not. The presentation will introduce new methods and old challenges around accessible description for time-based media collections. Topics covered include Language: Catalogs, Archives, Standards; Internal Vocabularies and Messy Data; Language: Programming for Film; Language: Patrons and Researchers.
Manager Training Series: Soft Skills Development for New & Aspiring Managers<>
September 30  | 10:00am - 2:00pm (Pacific)
Soft skills like interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to work effectively in teams are crucial for the problem solving, advocacy, and management of people and projects that managers do on a daily basis. Fine-tuning those soft skills is increasingly important for those moving away from hands-on work with collections and into more strategic leadership and supervisory roles. This workshop will explore the interplay between soft skills and hard skills, introducing a number of important frameworks for understanding how soft skills impact professional practice.
Manager Training Series: Panel Discussion for New & Aspiring Managers<>
October 5 | 11:30am - 12:30pm (Pacific)
As the field evolves, good management, and the training for those stepping into management positions, is part of sustaining our profession. For many in upper-management positions, this kind of training was not previously available, and many crucial  skills were learned the hard way on the job. With the advent of COVID, management has also met new challenges as many jobs and the needs of staff have been transformed. How have people coped during the pandemic and what were the challenges they encountered? How have managers advocated for their staff, implemented training that wasn't previously there or dealt with existing work dynamics that were not ideal?
Techniques for Color Remastering Home Movies in DaVinci Resolve<>
October 13 |  10:00am - 11:15am (Pacific)
In this workshop, C. Díaz will share techniques on color remastering home movies across various formats and codecs. These tips and tricks will help breathe new life into your collection as well as highlight the importance of project management when working with home movies in both personal and institutional settings.

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  *   Manager Training Series Part I: Skills Development for New & Aspiring Managers<>
Everyone knows that moving into a management role means overseeing people, projects and teams, which require soft skills like time management and good communication. However, not everyone is prepared with the wide range of practical skills that are essential when you're the one giving orders, setting priorities, or signing checks. Topics include: Budget design, considerations and finance basics for nonprofits; Strategic planning and big-picture thinking; Collaboration across departments/entities; Reporting: data collection (qualitative) and analytics (quantitative); Advocacy for staff and the differing challenges of management in studio settings and nonprofits.

·         Project Design and Grant Writing for AV Archivists<>
How do you design a grant project that advances your mission and maximizes the potential of partnerships and collaboration? What factors should be considered when developing a project plan and budget? How do you identify funders who might have a programmatic interest in your project? What are successful strategies for telling a compelling story that engages grantmakers? This webinar brings together Becca Quon, Program Officer from the Council on Library and Information Resources, Cynthia Zollinger, Director of Project Development and Operations in the fundraising division at Boston public broadcaster GBH, and Dr. Michelle Caswell, archives professor and Co-Founder of the South Asian American Digital Archive, who brings years of experience writing successful grant proposals.
·         A DIY Approach to Data Recovery from Damaged 5.25" Floppy Disks<>
At RAND's Corporate Archive, work is ongoing to recover data from a collection of damaged 5.25" floppy disks. The fragility of the medium itself poses unique challenges during the capturing process, and the end result is often that files are captured with minor or significant corruption. This presentation lays out hardware and software tools, along with the cleaning methods for disks and drives, that result in the most successful captures, while still being an affordable in-house DIY workflow.<>

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