+3. "We are not going to build bridges just so our people can live under them." - Bernie Sanders. This is a future-defining matter that's being decided right now in DC. Everyone in a profession or with influence, who wishes for a decent future, should be hounding congress for action; if necessary by holding their own bosses feet to the fire.

But, of course, I wish the best for Curtis and his colleagues.


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Two thumbs way up regarding the reply from Dennis Rooney.
My $0.02
Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

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>*Pace* Curtis Peoples who wrote "ARSC members should champion causes 
>when anyone or any institution is trying to remedy the problem in any way."
>I respectfully submit that hiring entry level personnel for such 
>critically important work unless they receive expert vetting, is a cure 
>worse than the disease. If qualified practitioners are not available at 
>a living wage (remembering that rent, groceries, and transportation are 
>not paid for with benefits), better to let the material rest 
>undisturbed until conditions improve. Careful storage of assets is at 
>least as valid as "doing something" with them. Otherwise, the 
>institution should consider contracting such work to qualified experts 
>with known track records who can treat those assets without hazard.
>On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 12:39 PM Peoples, Curtis 
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>>  Although this is not my department at TTU, I do work closely with 
>> people  in the area. Here is why I defend the posting, and as a whole 
>> for the audio  archiving field.
>>  Because of the pandemic, many institutions are struggling 
>> financially and  it is hard to maintain funding for many departments. 
>> It was not that long  ago that AV positions like this at various 
>> institutions did not even off  any where near $15.00 per hour, if such a position exists at all!.
>>  In addition to the hourly wage, you also have to account for added  
>> benefits like medical, dental, and optical insurance provided for  
>> employees, as well vacation and sick leave. Further, there are 
>> professional  development opportunities that the institution often provides.
>>  As has been discussed at many ARSC conferences, there is a crisis in 
>> the  audio and visual fields  discovering, organizing, describing, 
>> and migrating  analog materials from old carriers. ARSC members 
>> should champion causes  when anyone or any institution is trying to remedy the problem in any way.
>>  The position posted here is an great entry level opportunity for a 
>> person  graduating from a program such as UCLA, or someone who has 
>> some audio video  experience looking to get into the archiving field.
>>  Instead of condemning efforts, perhaps be thankful that people are 
>> trying  to save material that you or someone else  may one day need.
>>  Curtis Peoples, Ph.D., Archivist
>>  Texas Tech University
>>  ARSC Assistant Conference Manager
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>> Associate  job at Texas Tech
>>  This email originated outside TTU. Please exercise caution< 
>>  Shai is being way too polite. Our local McDonald's is starting 
>> people at
>>  $15 an hour. Any institution should be embarrassed to advertise such 
>> a job  at that starting salary.
>>  Best,
>>  Gary
>>  Gary Galo
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>>  The Crane School of Music
>>  SUNY at Potsdam, NY 13676
>>  "Great art presupposes the alert mind of the educated listener."
>>  Arnold Schoenberg
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>>  Igor Markevitch
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>> your  credentials if the source is suspicious.
>>  So I'm guessing at $15 per hour, the TTU is not really interested in  
>> knowledge, experience, know-how, and especially care for the assets. 
>> I have  voiced this not once, even for positions that did not involve 
>> A/V. There  was an ad not long ago for roughly the same pay grade 
>> with a minimum  requirement of MA. Good luck to all applicants.
>>  Cheers
>>  Shai Drori
>>  Expert digitization services for Audio Video 3K scanning for film 
>>  Timeless Recordings Music Label
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>>  On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 5:33 PM Stroman, Elissa 
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>>  wrote:
>>  > The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech
>>  > University is hiring an Archival Associate in our Audio Visual
>>  department.
>>  > The essential job functions include overseeing the digital 
>>  > of analog audio, video, and film; processing A/V collections, 
>>  > finding aids, and producing metadata for recordings; and 
>>  > repair work and preventative maintenance for analog transfer equipment.
>>  >
>>  > This is a full-time benefits-eligible staff position located in
>>  > Lubbock Texas, starting at $15 per hour.
>>  >
>>  > A direct link to the hiring website and job description (position
>>  > 25524BR) can be found here:
>>  >
>>  > rid=25898&siteid=5635&PageType=JobDetails&jobid=656697
>>  > This Archival Associate position is also listed on the Texas Tech
>>  > library's employment page:
>>  >
>>  >
>>  > Any questions can be directed to me.
>>  >
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>>  >
>>  >
>>  > Elissa Stroman, PhD (she/her)
>>  > Unit Manager in the Audio Visual Department at the Southwest
>>  > Collection/Special Collections Library Texas Tech University Box
>>  > 41041, Lubbock TX 79409
>>  > 806-834-0998
>>  > Editor, West Texas Historical Review
>>  >
>1006 Langer Way
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