Here is the link to the recording of the training last week:

If "caution-" appears before the link, please remove it.

Also, the trainer has provided some follow-up information related to
questions asked:

Here are two Libguides for Fold3 and Ancestry Library Edition - they have
great resources including slide decks and promotional materials that can be
used by the libraries to promote the resources.  

About the question of Yearbooks - I tried a few searches and it seems to
work best if you search Yearbooks in the Keyword field in the Card Catalog.
You do get results that are not going to be a traditional school yearbook
but it brings up the title I was trying to think of during the webinar - the
US Navy Support Books which might be of interest to your librarians -  Right now it seems
for traditional school type yearbooks there are ones from US and Canada.
Maybe some school directories from other parts of the world but I did not
look to see if they have photos, etc as we might expect in a US Yearbook.


I also wanted to provide an example for Family Search - I mentioned them in
the webinar.  I tend to see them more with international content.

Here is an example from Scotland:  

When you scroll to the bottom and look at the About Section you will see a
link that takes you to the Family Search site:
You will then see information on what they consider a Legacy collection:
This is a Legacy Collection
This collection is a partial index of records for this locality. The
collection was originally assembled for publication in April 2010. Since
that time only a few records may have been added. As no additional records
will be added, or any corrections made to the data, this is considered to be
a "Legacy" collection

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Ann Langlois, MLIS
eResources & Community Outreach Librarian 
IMCOM-Europe G9