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I just wanted to send an e-mail to invite you and your staffs to participate via webinar in a free Department of the Interior Library Training Session entitled "The Trail of Tears Revisited" on Thursday, September 23rd from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET, part of our series of free training sessions available from the DOI Library.


One of the most tragic events in American history is what became known as “Nunna daul Tsunyi” or “The trail where we cried.” Despite never having consented to the sale of their land, the Cherokee Nation was forced to emigrate over 1,400 miles west to Indian territory in what we now know as the state of Oklahoma. This presentation by Law Librarian Amy Bilyeau will revisit the political and legal events that led up to the passage of the “Indian Removal Act” of 1830, including three Supreme Court opinions known as the “Marshall Trilogy.” The topics of compensation, reparations, and restitution; as well as whether the “Trail of Tears” meets the definition of genocide as defined by United Nations General Assembly in 1948; will be addressed.

All that are interested are invited.  Please go to the following link to request webinar registration information:




You may contact the Library by e-mail at library@ios.doi.gov for more information about this program or if you have trouble reaching us using the link above.  For more information about the DOI Library, its resources, and its services, please visit our website at http://www.doi.gov/library.


We hope that you can join us virtually on September 23rd!


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