Dear Guy/Deziree,

I was a bit late to the meeting today but did hear as the session closed
that the captioning (and hence the posting) of our videos would not be
completed in time to have the videos available next Friday, 9/17, as NBF

That is too bad but I gather that it is not something that can be avoided
at this point in the process.

To keep faith with the authors who have volunteered their time to be part
of these videos,PLEASE give us 24 hours notice of the time that the videos
will be available so we can do a collective/collaborative social media push
that will drive people to the videos at the NBF site (in the Festival Near
You section, as you say).

With that information we can all do a coordinated social media push that
will help us make good on the promise we made to the Great Reads authors
that their contributions would be part of the NBF celebration.

Thank you in advance for sending out that alert,


Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Mass Center for the Book
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617.872.3718 (office)