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Subject: Re: specs, etc. for Great Reads videos



Rather than putting myself in the video, I thought I might put the questions we have for our author and illustrator on slides rather than me asking them. Would it be permissible to use the border of the initial slide you just sent us, cut out the middle stuff, and put my questions in them? That would give the video a more unified look.


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All—here are the specs for getting your videos to us for captioning and uploading:


If you have tech questions, please send email to Tom Odom in Multimedia at [log in to unmask]

Please share your questions and answers with the listserv (if you think others will benefit).


We will meet next week, Wednesday, Sept. 8, at 3-4 pm to discuss additional issues. Please remember that we need your videos to reach us no later than Monday, Sept. 13. The sooner you transmit, the sooner your videos can be captioned. Thanks.


These are the specs that can be used for the mp4 files.  Please send your videos using the following two resolutions: 


YouTube (high resolution)

Caption Sync (low resolution)

Resolution: 1920x1080

Bitrate: 6000kbps

Resolution: 512 x 288

Bitrate: 300kbps


·       Please be sure to insert the slide I sent previously (and attached here) at the start of the video before sending.


·       Please upload your final video in a high resolution version and a low resolution version (see specs above) to a google drive folder and give access to both Deziree ([log in to unmask]) and me ([log in to unmask])


·       Alternatively, you can upload them to WeTransfer and send to both Deziree and me.


·       We also need the following metadata. Please send as an attachment to Deziree and me in Word:


NOTE: Speakers must be listed in the order they first appear in the video.


Title: Great Reads from Great Places: Your theme name here (Please use one of these theme names:

·       Natural World

·       Fitting In

·       Friendship

·       History

·       Family

·       Picture Books

·       Mystery & Magic

·       Social Justice

·       (if you are not part of one of these thematic videos, then just list your state name)


Speaker(s): Person(s) who open(s) video and title and state CFB; John Doe; Mary Smith (also include all moderators/interviewers in order they appear)…


Length: 00:00:00


Description: Name of video opener and title in conversation with John Doe, author of “My Name Is John Doe” (chosen by Florida Center for the Book); Mary Smith, author of “My Name Is Mary Smith” (chosen by Ohio Center for the Book); etc.  


Thanks for accommodating. This is much more complicated than I ever imagined (and I am sure for you as well!), so thanks for coming along for this ride…








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