Is Tuesday soon enough? We're recording ours tomorrow, and I hope to have it to you, but not certain I can. 

A hard deadline on sending it soon enough, rather than ASAP, would be helpful.

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Hi Sara,


Do you mean the Great Reads panel videos? (There’s a lot of “NBF videos.)


If you mean the great reads videos, that is entirely dependent on when we receive them from you. If we receive them on Guy’s stated deadline of 9/13, please be aware that the time for captioning and our backend ingest process to add to the Library website will take enough time that they will not go up by 9/17. Our multimedia and web teams are aware of these videos though, and will work very hard to get them up during the Festival (prior to 9/26).


If you send the completed videos asap with the completed metadata as requested, we may be able to add them by 9/17.


Take care,


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Hi—we don’t know the date for posting, but the videos will be accessible from the map on the Festival Near You page. Deziree is out today, but may have more specifics on this.




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Subject: date and location of panel event videos


Hi Guy and Deziree,


I just had a quick question. Do we know the date when all of the NBF author panel videos will be up and live?


Also, which specific part of the NBF website will hold these videos? The video on-demand section as well as the Festival Near You sections or…?




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